Design Splurge: Vintage Formica Coffee Table

Two things I have learnt over the last month….

1. Decorating and blogging do not go together.

Unless of course you are blogging about decorating, in which case decorating will give you lots of material. But this isn’t a blog about decorating. Spending hour upon hour and day after day painstakingly sanding and varnishing my 130 year-old floors did not give me any inspiration for blogging. It merely sapped my energy.

2. Although men can multi-task, there is a limit.

Decorating, plus a hectic period at work, a few days of lovely weather, the need to get my garden in order and the fact that I was reading a very good book meant that I just couldn’t seem to stretch to creating and writing any posts. Now it’s raining, my garden is almost in full bloom and I’ve just finished my book; I am finally able to start blogging again.


So to ease myself back in I thought I’d show you the lovely vintage formica coffee table, that I purchased recently from the wonderful 2’6 in Brixton Village market. Every time I pop in I could walk out with a number of different design treasures.

I just love the interesting shape of this 1950′s/1960′s coffee table with its curved edges and the beautiful turquoise colour adds a cheery splash of colour to the room. It was the perfect treat to reward myself after all the hard work I put in getting the black tar-like paint off the floorboards in this room and turning them into something vaguely passing for habitable.

Now I just need to remember to plan a bit better the next time I attempt to undertake any decorating, so that I leave time and energy for my blog, as there is plenty more decorating to do in my little house!

See you soon!

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