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I have always been partial to a slogan t-shirt. My Vivienne Westwood for Liberty (the charity, not the shop) ‘I am not a terrorist please don’t arrest me’ t-shirt is probably my all time favourite and I have worn it to death and then some. I love the idea of picking out a slogan t-shirt that fits your mood and using it to communicate that mood with the world. Slogan t-shirts can be profound or political or just plain humorous.

Now I am not saying that slogan t-shirts are a key menswear trend for Spring Summer 2013 because well, are they ever really a key menswear trend? More a perennial staple that occasionally gets a little boost when a few good ones come along. But who cares? I’ve picked out some of my favourites that I have come across over the last few weeks to share with you and the good news is, unlike some of my other features, these are not expensive at all. Because you really don’t want to be spending hundreds of pounds on a slogan t-shirt. So let’s check them out.

Slogan-tastic Tees


First up (1. top left) is this witty take on the traditional ‘I Love NY’ tee by Part-time Superheroes. I have seen t-shirts with this particular slogan before but often they are on really cheap and shapeless looking. I really like the fit of this t-shirt and the white lettering on the black background. Available from

This ‘geek’ t-shirt (2. top right) by ;Topman<;/a>;” target=”_blank”>Topman is perfect for those days when you want to channel your inner geek. For me this is a t-shirt to slouch around the house in, watching back-to-back episodes of ‘the big bang theory’ and I’d wear it just on the wrong side of tight. Geeky specs optional. Available from ;Topman<;/a>;” target=”_blank”>

I love the typography on this vest (3. right), which is also available as a t-shirt, from Danish brand A Question Of. Oh and the message itself because let’s face it we must all have days when this message is spot on? Well with this vest you can let the world know exactly how you feel without having to utter a single word! Available from

I love the fluorescent look of this t-shirt (4. bottom) by ;Urban Outfitters<;/a>;” target=”_blank”>Golden Coast; and who after-all doesn’t love a free cocktail? Although maybe steer clear of actually wearing it in a cocktail bar as although the t-shirt is currently only £10 – the drinks that you have so kindly offered to everyone are likely to be a lot more! Available from ;Urban Outfitters<;/a>;” target=”_blank”>

Last up (5. bottom left) and it’s the t-shirt I actually bought a few weeks ago on my trip to Copenhagen, again from A Question Of. The message, ‘So Fucking Undefeated and Supreme’, is emblazoned across the front in white font against an on-trend bright orange block of colour and is perfect for those days when everything is going against you but when you are not going to let it get you down. Available from

So there you go – five slogan-tastic tees. What do you think of them? Have you got a favourite of your own? Let me

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