My Fashion Scrapbook: Unleash Your Inner Animal

I seem to be seeing animal print menswear everywhere recently; so much so that I have gone from thinking that this was a menswear trend that I was going to give a miss to thinking ‘yes please get me some of this!’ My main concern was that animal print on men would look too feminine but I have seen some great examples of masculine looking pieces.

Unleash Your Inner Animal


Image Source: Beholders Eyes @ Polyvore



I am loathe to even mention Denmark yet again as I seem to do it in almost every post but I will. In fact I am going to mentioned it twice because two of the brands featured below are Danish. What can I do – I am a sucker for a bit of Nordic?!

I have visited the Facebook page of Danish brand Anerjkendt on a number of occasions over the last two weeks; partly because of this wonderful animal print shirt (bottom right) and partly because I am currently growing a beard and the beard the model is sporting is a thing of absolute beauty! The khaki coloured shirt is on the right side of manly.


Sibling created some of the most interesting, innovative looks of London Colllections: Men, with their oversized knitted pieces, many of these featuring animal print. Certainly they were some of the more photographed. Three slightly less avant-garde pieces are now available from Mr Porter – a t-shirt, a cardigan and a stand-out-from-the-crowd pink sweatshirt . The t-shirt in particular is on my wish-list. All from Mr

Mads Nørgaard

Back to Denmark, where I happen to have been a few weekends ago and over to a brand I discovered on my visit – Mads Nørgaard. The Mads Nørgard Spring Summer 2013 collection has a number of pieces that I really like ,one of which is a leopard print shirt (centre), that doesn’t scream Keith Lemon! Available in khaki and blue; wear with a pair of black skinny’s and some shades! From Mads Nø

You Must Create (YMC)

Back at the first London Collections: Men in 2012 YMC sent three animal pieces down the catwalk. My favourite of these was this wonderful coat. For me the very idea of a leopard print coat reminds me of Pat Butcher or Bet Lynch so I love that this challenges this in an entirely credible way. YMC has even managed that difficult task of making a highly on-trend garment not look too ‘fashiony’. If ‘fashiony’ was even a word.


What do you think? Will you be showing your wild side with some animal print, or is this a trend you are happy to let pass you by? Let me know.

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