My St Patrick’s Day Inspired Design Finds

Being part Irish, on my mothers side (along with half of the known world population it seems), and this being a blog about design, I thought I would celebrate St Patrick’s Day (this Sunday) not with a Guinness but with a look at some of the interesting interiors product designers from across the ‘Emerald Isle’. Because, well why not?

On my search I came across a brilliant website called Makers and Brothers, which was, perhaps unsurprisingly, set up by brothers Jonathan and Mark Legge (pictured below). Makers and Brothers is “founded on simple things; the handmade, objects of integrity, contemporary vernaculars, a curation of everyday design and craft. We define craft as a process; a production by hand or machine.” It has on offer a range of products from a diverse group of makers and craftspeople from around Ireland and also further afield. Here are three of my favourite St Patrick’s Day inspired design finds by Irish designers/makers:

Jonathan and Mark Legge

Image Source: Makers and Brothers

Derek Wilson

First up is Derek Wilson, a ceramicist from Belfast who makes a range of contemporary objects. Derek is concerned with “the space that form creates, the interior and exterior and the light and shadows that it casts and reveals.” He says, “my aim is to push the boundaries of a traditional and diverse artform through playing with its aesthetics, materiality and processes. Fundamentally, my work is essentially made to be used in everyday life.”

Derek makes some beautiful pieces, some of which are available at Makers and Brothers. I really like the interesting shapes of these ceramic bowls and the really rather cute little jug. You can see more of his work on his website.

Derek Wilson Ceramics Jug

Derek Wilson Ceramics Bowl


Claire-Ann O’Brien

How can you not want to sit on one of these quirky Knitted ‘Rings’ stools by Claire-Ann O’Brien? They look inviting, comfortable, colourful and playful and are sure to be conversation piece wherever they are placed.

Claire-Ann, a graduate of the Central Saint Martin and the Royal College of Art, specialises in knitting and uses the technique to create “playful and tactile fabrics that bring furniture to life.” She was the 2011 winner of the Future Makers Award from the Crafts Council of Ireland. Check out Claire-Ann’s website for more of her innovative and interesting designs.


Claire-Anne O'Brien Rings Stool


Clancy Moore Design

I just love these Strand Lamps by Clancy Moore Design, which are made out of oh-so-trendy-right-now copper. According to Clancy Moore “their inclined heads, derive from a study of the human figure”, which I think is really evident as the lamps have such personality. So popular were they, the Architects were convinced to put them into production.

Yes, Clancy Moore is actually a architects firm, in another example of architects turning their hands at product design. Check out examples of their day job here.

Strand Lamp Clancy Moore


So there they are my top three Irish design products. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section. Oh and have a brilliant St Patricks Day. Sláinte!


Header Image Source: (Random I know!). All other images Makers and Brothers.


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