Designer v High Street: Leather and Denim Shirt

I don’t know why I hadn’t seen this leather and denim shirt by Alexander McQueen before but since seeing viewing it earlier on the Selfridges website (payday is coming) I can’t stop thinking about it. As the name suggests, the ‘Leather Harness Single Cuff Denim Shirt’ has got a gorgeous leather harness with a buckle detail on it and I love just the playfulness of it.

At £650 though it would take more than one salary payment for me to be able to splash the cash on it, particularly as most of my salary will go this month on reducing the Christmas and New Year overdraft!


Alexander McQueen: Leather Harness Single Cuff Denim Shirt

Alexander McQueen Leather Harness Single Cuff Denim Shirt
So I started to look at the high street at other er cheaper options for a leather and denim shirt and stumbled upon this lovely All Saints Beaumont Shirt. It’s denim and has a leather collar detail; a more restrained version – both aestetically and in terms of its price (£85) than its designer counterpart – but a good compromise. And it will mean I can eat this month if I buy it, which I suppose is always a good thing!


All Saints: Beaumont Shirt

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 21.06.25


Images: Selfridges and All Saints

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