London Collections Men 2013

Today was the first day of London Collections Men 2013, the 2nd year of a separate men’s fashion event; show-casing the hottest menswear designers and it’s already got my wallet all in a flutter and my credit cards desperate to be used to purchase some of the beautiful things on show today.

It almost seems cruel to show these beautiful clothes at a time of the month and year when people are at their most skint after splurging at Christmas and New Years (or is that just me?) However, it’s actually the Autumn / Winter 2013 collection that is being shown so there is plenty of time to save those pennies or re-charge those plastic pals.

Lou Dalton

Lou Dalton 2

Lou Dalton 3

One of the first up today was Lou Dalton with a collection the designer described as “Texan oil baron, “a local hero”, Shetland” While the idea of walking round like a Texas Oil Baron is far from appealing and all that springs to mind when I think of Shetland is a miniature pony the clothes are fantastic and Dalton showed that it might not always be the best that is saved for last.

I particularly liked the doubled breasted coat (above) and the black knee/shin patch trousers (below). In fact I actually like the tartan version (above) although it would take a bit more courage for me to just pull them on and pop to Sainsbury’s.

Lou Dalton 4

Lou Dalton 1

Topman Design

Topman Design 1

Topman Design 2

Topman Design’s showing was a brightly coloured affair that seemed to span a journey from a kind 0f Eskimo inspired feel, through to Tibetan monk inspired orange-fest before finally becoming more muted and morphing into a very trendy day at the office. Parka’s – long and short featured heavily as well as baggy trousers and chunky knitwear. This cardigan (below) was one of my favourite pieces.

Topman Design 3

Topman Design 4

I love the way the colours of the clothes merged into one-another going from white to orange to red and blue. My bank manager will like that this collection is likely to be one of the more easy on the wallet ones over the next three days.

Topman Design 5

Topman Design 6

Lee Roach

Lee Roach’s collection was an altogether more pared down affair, with a simple black or monochrome pallet.“Touch, contradiction and balance” was the theme and for once I actually get what is meant.

Lee Roach 4

Lee Roach 2

My two favourite pieces were the coats – the sleek take on the puffa jacket (above) and the brilliant asymmetrical cape-like one below, both examples of Roach’s eye for a great silhouette.

Lee Roach 3

Lee Roach

Tomorrow the big guns come out at London Collections Men 2013 – with Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Jonathan Saunders all showing. I am expecting that I will be drooling over lots of beautiful pictures tomorrow of things that are far out of my budget but which I will lust after anyway!

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