Lost Treasures: Design House Stockholm Spin Mugs

Sometimes finding something that you own but had forgotten about is just as good as receiving something new!

I am doing some new year spring cleaning – going through my over-full kitchen cupboards and trying to make them a little more organised – and have just come across these fantastic Spin Mugs by Marie-Louise Hellgren for Design House Stockholm. They come with saucers and teak stirrers.

I was given these as a gift a few year’s back and shamefully I don’t think I have ever used them, which is ridiculous as I absolutely loved them when I was given to them. They’ve been hidden away behind tons of other things.

Well it’s time for a break from cleaning – I think I’ll have a mug of hot chocolate!


They no longer appear to be available on the Design House Stockholm website but are still available to buy from Panik, if you like them. £37 for two.




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