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I just love these prints of South London landmarks by South London Prints. Okay it probably helps that they are of local landmarks near to my house, such as the wonderful Lido in Brockwell Park and the Ritzy Cinema in nearby Brixton, but these colourful prints cheer me up every time I see them on sale at my local Farmers & Craft Market. I had to buy one and plumped for the Ritzy Cinema picture as I just love the way that this brilliant independent cinema is captured.

South London Prints Ritzy Cinema

South London Prints also does commissions. You can choose a static image – ideally buildings or such like and for around £150 South London Prints will produce you a unique print. I also really like the maps, such as this one of Brixton below. There are also some with the street names on them.

South London Prints - Streets of Brixton

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