Borgen Series 2

Okay, so this does not fit into any of the areas that my blog is supposed to be about – Design, Fashion or Art (well actually I suppose film-making is an art) BUT I am just so excited that the brilliant Danish political TV series Borgen Series 2 is starting this Saturday at 9pm on BBC4! Two whole episodes will be shown so fans will be able to dive right back into the brilliant series. Yippee.

Will ‘Statsminister’ Birgitte Nyborg and her husband divorce? Will she last a whole ten episodes as Prime Minister? What back-stabbing and schadenfreude will occur? Series 1 was for me one of the most gripping things on TV when it aired and I hope Borgen Series 2 doesn’t disappoint!

Here is a brief snippet of what we can expect!

Video source: BBC

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  1. admin says:

    So it’s back and I have to say it’s brilliant. There were moments where I wanted to cry – and that was just out of envy for some of the fabulous furniture (some amazing lights and chairs) and for the superior design of the Riverside apartments than we get here in the UK.


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